Army Dudes – Cliff and Kirk

Hey guys! We are back and today we have Cliff and Kirk that love to suck off each other’s cock after a rough training just to relax. Our horny boys enrolled in the army a few months ago and everyone has heard how hard things are there. They got used to the trainings with the infernal waking up hour but they didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t have guests. They are young and horny and it’s really hard too focus when you are in their situation. Luckily these two found each other, Cliff caught Kirk checking out some gay porn magazines and wanted him to feel ok with it so he joined him. Just like the guys from the just gone gay blog, they are crazy about sucking big cocks!

Cliff was a bit embarrassed at first, because he didn’t knew Kirk was into guys as well. But once Kirk started jerking off his cock he was relieved that he finally has a fuck buddy. So it’s like a tradition, every day after training their meet and help each other relax. So you really don’t want to miss them blowing and banging each other after hours. Enjoy it!

cliff and kirk

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