Hot Guy Stripping

This cute guy here, that you are about to see into the latest eastboys video update is going to cheer you up in a very special way. You are going to see that he is in a very good mood, ready to strip his clothes and start to expose himself in front of you. You are about to see how he is going to start taking off his shirt and unzip his pants, ready to show you his worked out body.

He is going to flirt with you during this hole time and he is going to show you exactly how he likes to touch himself, how he likes to explore his chest and his worked out tummy. Oh, he is going to be so sensual that he is going to turn you on instantly, making you hard and ready to jerk off, thinking about this cute guy. He is ready to do every single thing that you ask him to, so be careful what you wish for, cause he might impress you with some naughty games. See you the next time, guy and have fun with this one, until then! Also you can enter the site and see some horny college guys sucking and fucking!


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Army Dudes – Cliff and Kirk

Hey guys! We are back and today we have Cliff and Kirk that love to suck off each other’s cock after a rough training just to relax. Our horny boys enrolled in the army a few months ago and everyone has heard how hard things are there. They got used to the trainings with the infernal waking up hour but they didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t have guests. They are young and horny and it’s really hard too focus when you are in their situation. Luckily these two found each other, Cliff caught Kirk checking out some gay porn magazines and wanted him to feel ok with it so he joined him. Just like the guys from the just gone gay blog, they are crazy about sucking big cocks!

Cliff was a bit embarrassed at first, because he didn’t knew Kirk was into guys as well. But once Kirk started jerking off his cock he was relieved that he finally has a fuck buddy. So it’s like a tradition, every day after training their meet and help each other relax. So you really don’t want to miss them blowing and banging each other after hours. Enjoy it!

cliff and kirk

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EastBoys – Sex at Work

Another fresh week and time to see another new eastboys scene. You can bet your ass that you will want to check out on this one as the two twinks get to take a break during work and get to fuck during it. And it got to be a little extended too as you can understand. One is a chef for a small restaurant and the other is his assistant and it seems that now in the afternoon the people were not really dropping by so that meant they could take five. That taking five in this east boys scene meant that they took more like thirty to get to have fun with one another but that still ends up being one incredibly juicy fuck fest with them today!


Well as you know, this is the best place to drop by and visit when you want to see some incredibly hot and juicy gay sex and every single week has a brand new scene with either brand new studs or older couples coming in to show off their sexual prowess. And we always have the best of the best. The couple here has the blonde guy bending over the sink in the kitchen for his friend and the other gets to plant that thick cock in his ass and make him moan at the nice anal dicking that he provides too. We hope that you will enjoy it and rest assured that next week’s scene is going to be just as amazing. And check out the past updates too for more!

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Twinks in Bareback Action

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. Today is a brand new day and it brings you one incredible eastboys scene that you won’t want to miss out on for sure. The title says it plain and simple of what you can expect of this one and you are most welcome to check it all out without delay here today. We know full well what you guys love to see and there’s plenty of that going down in this one too. The guys are super horny and ready to get down and dirty and you can take your time to watch another amazingly hot east boys scene with them getting kinky and fucking hard style all over the place just for your viewing pleasure!

And much like the title says, the two get to have some nice bareback sex. They had the afternoon free of everything today and they as you can see, put the free time to some very very good use. It’s not really surprising when you have horny hunks like them all ready to pounce on one another and get to show off why you should watch their scene. Anyway, as you can tell, they didn’t even make it to the bedroom as they ended up settling for fucking right in the living room. So watch closely and see the foreplay getting done, and after that you can watch the horny and hot twinks take the time to fuck each other in the ass for the rest of the scene!


Watch here this twink getting his ass slammed!


EastBoys – Remastered Collection 19

Well, you all know what time it is and there’s no use hiding it anymore. In this eastboys show we get to watch the amazing and hot scene with two hot guys getting to make the bed creak quite a lot while they have a superb little fuck with one another. And like the title says, this was an older scene we had, but it wasn’t uploaded. It still is one amazingly juicy show though and you’d regret missing out on the juicy things that go down in it. So just like always, let’s get those east boys cameras rolling and let’s watch another impressive gay fuck show with some more amazingly horny and kinky guys shall we?


Like we said, the two had the bed to themselves and they were going to put it to good use. Like any great scene around here, this one starts with the two hunks taking their time to play with each other as they undress and of course, there’s kissing and caressing that goes down with that too. Watch them settle on who’s going to be on the receiving end of a cock today and then you can see that guy get right to sucking cock as you can see in the preview. Well that’s just the start of this one as you then get to see his ass spread and fucked nice and deep by the other dude. And we’re sure that you will enjoy the whole thing. See you guys next week with a new collection!

Enjoy these guys sucking and fucking one another!


Sex on The Billiard Pool

It’s that time of the week again and you all know what that means. There’s a new eastboys scene all ready to be checked out and you cannot skip over the glorious action that takes place in this one here today. We have a hot blonde guy that is in the mood to show his skills in bed and his friend here that gets to help him out with the whole thing. And the two of them end up putting one hell of a fuck fest on camera for you ladies and gents to see here today. This is another east boys scene that you cannot skip over, so you’d better check it all out to see all the amazing things that the two got to do during their fuck here today!

As soon as the show begins, the blonde hunk helps his buddy undress, and the two of them get to start having their fun. You can see them getting all touchy feely with one another and as they get more and more horny, the blonde guy gets to lay his friend back as he starts playing with his balls and starts sucking his cock. Watch those naughty lips work the shaft with great skill as they make the guy moan in pleasure and stays hard like diamonds too. Soon enough you will get to see the blonde guy take it in his ass too and have even more fun with it. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with more as always!


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EastBoys – Randall White Blowjob

Another fresh week and time to see another eastboys scene as always. Well you know we always have you covered when it comes to hot and horny gay guys and this week we have the hot and sexy stud Randall White in action for you. The guy with the red cap packs a pretty huge dick and he aims to put it on display for you all this fine afternoon here today. And on top of that, you can see him laying back and having it treated kingly as the expert east boys hand is here to make sure he squirts his juice and drains his balls! Just lay back and relax and see Randall moaning in pleasure as his big and hard cock gets worked today!


The guy doesn’t shy away from showing off a bit for you all either. He knows just how good he looks and he reveals that muscled body for you all first and foremost in his living room, taking the time to strike the nice and sexy poses too. He wants to be as much as a cock tease as he can as well since it makes him horny too and the more he is like that the better for everyone. Let’s just get on with the show and just watch the guy then laying back and relaxing as the hand starts to work that magic. You can bet that this only ends when the guy gets to shoot his load all over the place and he was quite full too. Enjoy the view and see you soon!

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Sanchez Paolo and Mark Ramos

This week’s hot and juicy eastboys scene is here and of course we have more horny guys for you to see like usual. You know that before last week we had quite a lot of POV cock stroking scenes, so we decided to mix things up again this week and bring you another hot gay fuck. And rest assured that those aren’t going anywhere, if you are patient you will see them around again. But back to today’s topic, we get to show off another twink couple as they get to have a nice and hard fuck in this east boys scene and you can of course see it all. So let the cameras roll and let’s get the party started in a matter of speaking!

The names of these two are Sanchez Paolo and Mark Ramos and be sure that those exotic names reflect their exotic nature, and hey one of them is actually Latin too. Well either way, the two settled to have some fun in the back yard as it was a nice and sunny day and the fresh air would do miracles for them. Well short answer is that it did, and you can see that they felt good. But we feel that you guys and gals will enjoy this a lot more than they did today. So yeah, see the guy with the cap getting to suck and slurp on some cock here and watch closely as he works the shaft. Once he has it nice and stiff you can see him ride it for the rest of the scene!


Enjoy watching this guy getting a mouthful of jizz!


EastBoys – Hot Sex Action

Today is a brand new week and a new eastboys gallery is headed your way right now with these two hot studs. The only question is, are you ready to get to party hard? Because these two sure were and they ended up putting all of their hard and naughty partying on camera for you to see as well. The pair was superbly eager to get to have their fun and you can bet that there is plenty of naughty action to watch with these two right here in the afternoon as you will get to see them have some east boys style fun and fuck hard for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax and you can check out this whole amazing gallery with them!


The bedroom was all theirs to play in and as you can clearly see, they were quite eager to get to go too. See them kissing and caressing while they remove one another’s clothes and it looks like the guy with blue eyes and brown curly hair gets to be the top. That means that he needs to tend to his fuck buddy’s ass with his tongue, so take your time to check him out licking that and giving the guy the rim job of a lifetime too. By now the aforementioned stud was all ready to get to go down and dirty and take it in the ass and he was practically begging for it by now. Something that the other delighted in delivering, so watch him pound that ass hard!

Watch here these twinks banging their asses!


EastBoys – Handjob Cumshot

Hey there again everyone. There’s a fresh and new eastboys scene to check out and of course there’s more amazing guys getting to take the front spot in this one. This new guy here also gets to have his cock stroked like some guys before him and you can see that he was eager to get that too. The success that those scene had seem to have brought more amateur gay twinks out of the woodwork as it were and we have all new material for you to see as a bonus too. So in this new and juicy east boys scene, let’s just sit back and watch as the hot guy gets to have his cock stroked and you can see him moan in pleasure as well for this one!

This is also shot as the classy POV style that has been before, from the point of the guy jacking these cuties off. And just like always, you can see him oil up nicely for the occasion. He needs to make them feel real good and you can bet that some of that helps a lot. Well the blonde stud gets to sit back and relax as the guy starts to do his thing and seems to enjoy it quite a lot from the very start. Just take the time to enjoy the whole thing here today and we’ll let you explore this one as much as you want too. We’ll be back of course once again and we will have many more all new and all fresh scenes to show next week as well!


See this cute twink getting his dick milked!